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Update:August 3, 2015

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Pablo Picasso: Museum Ludwig

31st October (Sat.) - 23th December (Wed.), 2015

Closed on Mondays (except for 23th November), 24th November

Admission Fee:

Adults: 1500 yen, College students: 1300 yen
Elementary / Junior high school / high school students: 800 yen
held in Gallery 3, 4

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is a painter worthy of being called the great master of the 20th century. Picasso is also known as the founder of the cubist movement, considered to be the greatest creative revolution since the Renaissance. By contrast, Picasso created works depicting poor people such as the traveling entertainers. This exhibition draws attention to this aspect of Picasso’s work by featuring a signature piece titled “Harlequin” from the collection at the Museum Ludwig (Cologne, Germany), which contains some of the most valued Picasso paintings collected by Peter and Irene Ludwig. Also featured are works mainly from the Museum Ludwig collection as well as other museum collections within Japan. The oil paintings, prints, sculptures, and ceramics on display all demonstrate the vigorous spirit of inquiry. Picasso’s energetic presence became the subject of photographic work, and the exhibition also includes portraits of Picasso by renowned photographers such as Man Ray and Robert Doisneau, allowing visitors an honest look at Picasso’s multifaceted nature. Approximately 80 of Picasso’s works and 40 photographs are on display.