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Update:December 13, 2022

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Representative Works

Introductory notes: The data of a work was described in order of a artist name / years of birth and death / title / work year / size (cm, vertical x width, a solid work: height x width x depth) / material and form / note.

>>Collecition Characteristics

”A Bird” AI-Mitsu (1907-1946)
A Bird
1940, 45.4 x 37.9cm
Oil on canvas
The Sunouchi Collection
”Portrait of Sanada Hisakichi” Ryusei Kishida (1891-1926)
Portrait of Sanada Hisakichi
1913, 45.6 x 37.8cm
Oil on canvas
”Landscape” Shotaro Koyama (1857-1916)
1876-78, 58.0 x 85.0cm
Oil on canvas
”A Subway Station” Toshi Shimizu (1887-1945)
A Subway Station
1924, 116.5 x 81.5cm
Oil on canvas
”Miyagi Prefectural Office” Yuichi Takahashi (1828-1894)
Miyagi Prefectural Office
1881, 61.1 x 122.0cm
Oil on canvas
”A Painter” Shunsuke Matsumoto(1912-1948)
A Painter
1941, 162.4 x 112.7cm
Oil on board
”Orchestra” Kotaro Migishi (1903-1934)
1933, 91.0 x 116.5cm
Oil on canvas
”Self-portrait” Tetsugoro Yorozu (1885-1927)
1915, 45.8 x 33.5cm
Oil on canvas
The Sunouchi Collection
”A Woman in the Shade of a Tree” Ryosuke Watanabe (1880-1911)
A Woman in the Shade of a Tree
1907, 60.8 x 45.8cm
Oil on canvas
”The Moisture of the Moon - the Heat of the Sun - the Chill of the Stars” Chikuha Odake (1878-1936)
The Moisture of the Moon
-the Heat of the Sun
-the Chill of the Stars
right:143.7 x 83.6cm
center:143.8 x 83.7cm
left:144.0 x 83.6cm
Color on silk, a set of 3 hanging scrolls
”At a Glass Wholesaler in Summer” Yumeji Takehisa (1884-1934)
At a Glass Wholesaler
in Summer

1914, 117.0 x 40.2cm
Color on silk, hanging scroll
The Amae-Shimada Collection
”Pigeon and Sparrows” Gyoshu Hayami (1894-1935)
Pigeon and Sparrows
1927, 57.7 x 42.3cm
Color on silk, hanging scroll
”Hunting” Hyakusui Hirafuku (1877-1933)
1920, 168.0 x 91.4cm
Color on paper, hanging scroll
”Man of Gunma” Churyo Sato(1912-2011)
Man of Gunma
1952, 29.5 x 19 x 24cm
”Hat, Summer” Churyo Sato (1912-2011)
Hat, Summer
1972, 105 x 59 x 42.5cm
”Study for Panel for Edwin R. Campbell No.4 (Carnival, Winter)”

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)
Study for Panel for Edwin R. Campbell No.4
(Carnival, Winter)

1914, 69.8 x 48.4cm
Oil on cardboard


”Arrival of the Merchants” Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)
Arrival of the Merchants
1905, 92.5 x 135.0cm
Tempera on canvas
”Palesio Nua” Paul Klee (1879-1940)
Palesio Nua
1933, 50.4 x 27.0cm
Gouache on cotton, white
”Anatomy of Aphrodite” Paul Klee (1879-1940)
Anatomy of Aphrodite
1915, 20 x 13.6cm (cardboard 30.3 x 22.3)
Watercolor, chalk ground, on paper
mountedon cardboard
”Le Divan Japonais” Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 
Le Divan Japonais
1893, 79.0 x 60.0cm
Color lithograph
The Miura Collection


Other Works

”Taking a Rest” Kaneyo Onuma (1905-1939)
Taking a Rest
1930, 130.5 x 162.8cm
Oil on canvas
imageofworks Yuki Katsura (1933-1988)
A Woman's Day

1953, 117.1x91.3cm
 Oil on canvas

”Mr. Hirayama, a Porter”

Tetsuzo Sato (1910-1954)
Mr. Hirayama, a Porter
1929-30, 65.0 x 53.0cm
 Oil on canvas
The Sunouchi Collection
”View of Matsushima” Yuichi Takahashi (1828-1894)
View of Matsushima
1881, 45.5 x 91.4cm,
Oil on canvas
Cultural Property designated by Miyagi Prefecture
”A Road in Kugenuma”

Sadao Tsubaki (1896-1957)
A Road in Kugenuma
1920, 38.0 x 45.6cm
 Oil on canvas

”A Short Rest” Kazutaka Nakano (1896-1965)
A Short Rest
1931, 177.0 x 266.0cm
Oil on canvas
”Self-portrait” Tsune Nakamura (1887-1924)
c.1909, 45.0 x 33.0cm
Oil on canvas
The Sunouchi Collection
”Bacchanal; Kiyoko Hanashima” Toshiyuki Hasegawa (1891-1940)
Bacchanal; Kiyoko Hanashima
c.1930, 40.9 x 31.9cm
 Oil on canvas
The Sunouchi Collection
”A Cat” Rinjiro Hasegawa (1904-1988)
A Cat
1966, 30.9 x 40.9cm,
Oil on canvas
The Sunouchi Collection
”39xQE” Ken Hirahata (1910-1948)
1939, 31.5 x 40.8cm
Oil on board
”At the Beach” Torao Makino (1890-1946)
At the Beach
1920, 94.5 x 181.5cm,
Oil on canvas
”Nikolai Cathedral” Shunsuke Matsumoto(1912-1948)
Nikolai Cathedral
c.1941, 37.8 x 45.3cm
 Oil on canvas
The Sunouchi Collection
”A Nude” Kunishiro Mitsutani(1874-1936)
A Nude
1915, 130.5 x 80.8cm
Oil on canvas
”Self-portrait” Kaita Murayama (1896-1919)
1915, 48.9 x 42.0cm
Charcoal on paper
The Sunouchi Collection
”Murderous Intent on the Street” Hironobu Yazaki (1914-1944)
Murderous Intent on the Street
1940, 126.5 x 95.4cm
Oil on canvas
”Landscape; Spring” Tetsugoro Yorozu (1885-1927)
Landscape; Spring
1912, 33.3 x 45.6cm
Oil on canvas
The Sunouchi Collection
”Portrait of a Girl” Sotaro Yasui (1888-1955)
Portrait of a Girl
1937, 61.5 x 51.9cm
Oil on canvas
”Seascape” Jiro Yoshihara (1905-1972)
ca.1935, 97.0 x 130.5cm
Oil on canvas
”Fragrance of Peonies” Chou Ota (1896-1958)
Fragrance of Peonies
1956, 156.0 x 194.0cm
Color on paper, two fold screen
”Elysian Well” Kokei Kobayashi (1883-1957)
Elysian Well
131.1 x 51.0cm
Color on silk, hanging scroll
”Weathering Bulwark” Fuku Shoji (1910-2002)
Weathering Bulwark
1974, 172.0 x 331.8cm
Color on paper, hanging scroll
”A Water Wheel in Fuchien” Keisen Tomita (1879-1936)
A Water Wheel in Fuchien
1913, 193.0 × 70.0cm
Color on silk, hanging scroll
”Beauty in Spring” Yukihiko Yasui (1884-1978)
Beauty in Spring
ca.1912, 138.9 x 56.8cm
Color on silk, hanging scroll
”Snowy Mountain in Cold Weather” YUKI Somei (1875-1957)
Snowy Mountain in Cold Weather
1927, 101.1 x 113.2cm
Color on silk, hanging scroll
”Night” Shigemoto Oizumi (1913-1960)
52.7 x 35.6cm(63.3 x 42.0)
Color woodcut
”Tojin Pond, Niigata” Kazuma Oda (1882-1956)
Tojin Pond, Niigata
1929, 43.3 x 58.0cm(47.3 x 59.5)
 Color lithograph
”From Series Lyric-A Bright Moment” Koshiro Onchi (1891-1955)
From Series Lyric-A Bright Moment
1915, 13.5 x 9.6cm
The Amae=Shimada Collection
”An Ill Bird” Kyokichi Tanaka (1892-1915)
An Ill Bird
1915, 22.7 x 15.5cm
The Amae=Shimada Collection
”The Reflection of My Emotions” Shizuo Fujimori (1891-1943)
The Reflection of My Emotions
1915, 17.0 x 12.0cm
The Amae=Shimada Collection
”A King and His Friend Egg” Shinta Cho (1927-2005)
A King and His Friend Egg
(Original picture book illustrations)
1972, 43.3 x 58.0cm(47.3 x 59.5)
 Watercolor and crayon on paper
”Guri and Gura” Yuriko Yamawaki (1941-2022)
Guri and Gura
(Original picture book illustrations)
1963, 19.0 x 54.7cm
Ink and watercolor on paper
”The Sluice” Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)
The Sluice
1902, 79.0 x 51.5cm
Oil on canvas
”Evening” Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)
1904, 31.0 x 47.0cm
Gouache on paper
”Portrait of David Mueller” Ernst Ludwig Kirchiner (1880-1938)
Portrait of David Mueller
1919, 34.0 x 29.4cm(47.9 x 29.1)

”Miniature in Gold Frame”

Paul Klee(1879-1940)
Miniature in Gold Frame
1916, 16.3 x 9.0cm (cardboard 27.4 x 18.3)
Watercolor and ink on paper
”Three Houses by the Bridge” Paul Klee (1879-1940)
Three Houses by the Bridge
1922, 26.5 x 36.0cm(cardboard 38.4 x 45.0)
 Water color on paper
”Pregnant Woman” Egon Schiele (1890-1918)
Woman in Yellow
1914, 48.1 x 31.3cm
Tempera and pencil on paper
”Secession 49th Exhibition” Egon Schiele (1890-1918)
Secession 49th Exhibition
1918, 63.3 x 48.1cm(35.7 x 27.9)
Color lithograph
”Paris Almanach” Georges de Feure (1868-1928)
Paris Almanach
1894, 77.0 x 59.0
Color lithograph
The Miura Collection
”Sarah Bernhardt” Paul Berthon (1872-1909)
Sarah Bernhardt
65.0 x 52.0cm
Color lithograph
The Miura Collection