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Update:June 17, 2017

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Georges Rouault and the Expressionists: Painters of Passion

12th August (Sat.) - 9th October (Mon.), 2017
Closed on Mondays (except for 18th September and 9th October), 19th September.

Admission Fee:
Adults: 1500 yen, College students: 1300 yen
Elementary / Junior high school / high school students: 750
held in Gallery 3, 4

Exposition réalisée avec le concours de la Fondation Georges Rouault.

The Preeminent Religious Painter of the 20th Century, Georges Rouault (1871-1958)

Throughout his career, Rouault used layering of lustrous colors in his paintings, expressing the tragedy and salvation associated with humanity. His works elicit an emotional reaction from those who view them, transcending era, nationality, or religion.

With the support of Panasonic Shiodome Museum which boasts the most prominent Rouault collection in Japan, as well as France’s Georges Rouault Foundation, this exhibition will bring together approximately 80 oil paintings from his early years through old age and approximately 50 prints including his signature works, Circus of the Shooting Star and Passion. By highlighting the subjects on which he fixated throughout his career such as the circus, Christ, and holy imagery, this exhibition will give visitors a close-up of his passion for expression.

Additionally, this exhibition will concentrate on the link between Rouault and German Expressionism, examining characteristics of the period such as coloring and form, as well as nude, primitive, and other motifs, bringing into focus the international aspects of the movement. The exhibition will provide multiple perspectives on Rouault’s entire body of work, exploring the styles he employed, from the use of vibrant colors to the tranquility he achieved in his later days.


Georges Rouault, Nocturne d'automne, 1952,
Panasonic Shiodome Museum

Georges Rouault, Nativité, 1953,
Fondation Georges Rouault

Georges Rouault, Fleurs décoratives, 1947,
Panasonic Shiodome Museum

Georges Rouault, Madeleine, 1956,
Panasonic Shiodome Museum