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Update:April 1, 2017

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Rediscover the Museum Collection: the Artists of Tohoku

29th April (Sat.) - 17th July (Mon.), 2017

Closed on Mondays (except for 1st May and 17th July).

Admission Fee:
Adults: 800 yen, College students: 400 yen
Elementary / Junior high school / high school students: Free
held in Gallery 3, 4

Organized by: The Miyagi Museum of Art

In 2016, the Miyagi Museum of Art celebrated 35 years since its founding. In those 35 years, the museum has hosted numerous exhibits and has carried out efforts to increase its collection of artworks. These efforts constitute the foundation of the museum’s activities, creating the unique identity of the museum. In other words, the identity of the museum is based on its art collection.

The artworks also convey hometowns or a specific period, connecting the works to the people who live in this region. The museum has focused on collecting artwork related to the local region to allow those living here to examine themselves again through the collections.

This exhibit will feature oil paintings and print works (wood block print, silkscreen, etc. ) under three themes. These works are owned by the museum and made by artists who are originally from the Tohoku Region or those who worked in this region. 

Exhibit Overview

The first theme explores the development of modern art through works created between the Taisho period and prewar Showa period.


MATSUMOTO Shunsuke, Suburbs, 1937.

NAKANO Kazutaka, Untitled, 1930

The second theme introduces print works created by a number of prominent artists with connections to the Tohoku region.


OIZUMI Shigemoto, Cathedral, cal. 1958

OIZUMI Shigemoto, A Face of a Man, 1955

The third theme introduces a selection of works by 8 artists with various specialties.


ONO Koichi, Destroying Squares on Canvases-Fire, 1995

ONUMA Kaneyo, Shoes Cleaning Shop, 1933
deposited work