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Special Exhibitions

Current Exhibition

100th Anniversary of Finland's Independence Finnish Design 2017

image28th October (Sat.) - 24th December (Sun.), 2017
Closed on Mondays

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Fabric 《Unikko》 / Maija Isola /1964
© Marimekko


Next Exhibitions

Ryusei Kishida and Sadao Tsubaki

岸田劉生 《童女図(麗子立像)》 1923年 神奈川県立近代美術館蔵27th January (Sut.) - 25th March, 2018
Closed on Mondays (except for 12th February), 13th February (Tue.)


KISHIDA Ryusei, Young Girl (Reiko Standing), 1923.
The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama

Past Exhibitions

IMAGE OF COLOR: Pierre-Auguste Renoir 

14th January (Sut.) - 16th April (Sun.), 2017
Closed on Mondays

Rediscover the Museum Collection: the Artists of Tohoku 

松本竣介《郊外》1937年29th April (Sut.) - 17th July (Mon.)
Closed on Mondays (except for 1st May, 17th July)


MATSUMOTO. Shunsuke, Suburbs, 1937.

41th All Japan Senior High School Cultural Festival

31st July (Mon) - 4th August (Fri.), 2017
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Georges Rouault and the Expressionists: Painters of Passion

image12th August (Sat.) - 9th Octocer (Mon.), 2017
Closed on Mondays (except for 18th September and 9th October), 19th September (Tue.)

Georges Rouault, Nocturne d'automne, 1952,
Panasonic Shiodome Museum 


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