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Floor Guide | Main Building

Floor Guide Map | Main Building | The Churyo Sato Gallery + The Kenmin Gallery | Gardens etc.

Main Building

Entrance Hall

Entrance HallEntrance Hall




Museum concert“Jazz as Modern Music”2002Museum concert"Jazz as Modern Music" 2002




Jean ARP (1887-1966)“Torse-Feuille”

Jean ARP (1887-1966) "Torse-Feuille"




The major characteristic ot the entrance is that it is located in the center of the entire museum complex. The exhibition rooms, studios, lecture hall and library are located in positions that radiate from the entrance which acts as an origin. Tickets are required to enter the exhibition rooms but all other facilities including the gardens are excessible with no admission charge.
The entrance hall is used for opening ceremonies for special exhibits, museum concerts and other special events.

Gallery (1-4)

Gallery 1 ? Permanent exhibitionGallery 1, Permanent exhibition




Gallery 3 ? Special exhibition“The Vienna Secession 1898-1918”2001Gallery 3, Special exhibition "The Vienna Secession 1898-1918" 2001




There are four exhibition rooms in the main building.
Galleries 1 and 2 (1st floor) are usually for exhibition of works from the Museum's permanent collection. Works are changed four times a year. 120-150 works are displayed during a period chosen from the parmanent collection.


Studio 1Studio 1




Studio 2Studio 2




The Studios are available for use by anyone, at anytime while the Museum is open. There are two studios. Studio 1 is designed for work where noise and/or dust is produced. Studio 2 is for work where neither are involved. An equipment room and a terrace that can be used as a workspace are also part of the Studios. Videos and written materials concerning past workshops are also available here for viewing.


Open atelier = Workspace
If one has definite plans as to what one wants to create, the Studios are well-equip with various tools and equipment in helpinq to actualize these plans. Materials are not included.
Open discussion = A place to talk
For those who are interested in using the Studios, the Museum staff will begin by first listening to your plans. The Museum staff is always willing to listen to, as well as discuss anything pertaining to "art" or the "art museum". The staff will try to help with questions and/or problems pertaining to not only the creative process but from the way to use the Studios to eduacational activities.


The Studios are also used for lectures and/or classes open to the public by specialists not part of the museum staff.
Participation is limited so applications are sometimes necessary. Dates, lectures and themes can be found in homepages "News Update" or "Museum News".

Children's Playroom

Children's PlayroomChildren's Playroom




Wooden toys and picture books are available here for use by youngsters.

Lecture Hall

“Ancient Instruments in Museum”(Performed by: Renaissance Consorto, 1996)"Ancient Instruments in Museum" (Performed by: Renaissance Consorto, 1996)




Lectures and symposiums partaining to art as well as events in related fields such as movies, plays, dance performances and music are held here.






This is an open access library. Video monitors are also available for use.

Spare Room

Café Mozart Figaro

MozartCafé Mozart Figaro




Terrace of Cafe Mozart




This retaurant seats 55 persons with a terrace that opens on the courtyard seating 25 persons(during summer only).
Café Mozart Figaro : 022-265-6353
Hours 9:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Closed Mondays(except on Holidays), Year end and New Years.

Museum Shop

MuseumshopMuseum Shop