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Free Wi-Fi

Miyagi Free Wi-Fi


Miyagi Free Wi-Fi is a public wireless LAN service that anyone, whether Japanese or foreign, can use it free of charge, in order to enhance the convenience of tourists visiting the prefecture and to promote attracting guests.

Any device with Wi-Fi enabled, such as smartphone, if you register your email address or SNS account, anyone can connect to the Internet for free.


How to Use

For details on how to use Miyagi Free Wi-Fi, please see the Usage Guide. [PDF/4.12MB]

Terms of service

Please use Miyagi Free Wi-Fi after agreeing to the following terms of service.

Precautions for use

  • When using Miyagi Free Wi-Fi please observe the rules and manner etc of the installation facility. Please note that it may not be available depending on the closing days of the installation facility, outside the office hours and other circumstances.

Prefecture-owned facilities may have set the service available time zones.

  • Miyagi prefectural office:8:00~18:00
  • Miyagi prefecture library:9:00~19:00
  • The Miyagi Museum of Art:9:30~19:00
  • Tohoku History Museum:9:30~17:00
  • Grande 21 Miyagi Stadium:6:00~23:00
  • The usage fee for Miyagi Free Wi-Fi is free. However, the user shall be responsible for the communication equipment etc. necessary for using this service and the paid service used on the Internet using this service.
  • Miyagi Free Wi-Fi is not encrypted. Please understand that communication contents may be intercepted and use it at the user's responsibility.
  • For your safety, please do not enter information that may be abused if known to others, such as ID, password, credit card number.

Link to the facility where Miyagi Free Wi-Fi is available





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