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Located in Tohoku region, Miyagi faces the Pacific Ocean in the west, high mountains in the east, connected by continuous rice paddies. Along with “Matshushima”, the picturesque pine islands of 260, which was ranked at three stars by “Michelin Green Guide Japon” of France, Miyagi offers more than just a slice of nature.
Flourished as the heart of Tohoku, experience the diverse traditional culture and local culinary delights rooted in Miyagi. Sendai is a modern city of more than a million people, which offers excellent shopping, dining, and attractions. Just outside of Sendai, relaxingly hot springs are nestled against the backdrop of rustic scenery. The blending of the unspoiled natural beauty and the modern life will undoubtedly impress you with each visit.

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 Compared to other cities, there is no need to worry about radiation levels within Miyagi Prefecture.
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